About Us

  I started Little Robins Cottage in January 2014, when I realised I needed to do something with my ever growing collection of anything vintage - especially china, which I had been collecting over many years with my Goddaughter Amy. What had started out as a hobby and a bit of fun had turned into an obsession and many hours were spent in military fashion going to car boots, charity shops, antique fairs, auctions and markets to find those special pieces. 

I also have lots of experience catering on many occasions for family, charity events and running a small café for people with disabilities. My friend Helen soon came on board when the catering side really took off, who also has years of experience. Together with our love of everything vintage and a passion for home baking, Little Robin’s Cottage was created. 

It has gone from strength to strength, making personal service and attention to detail a priority. 

It soon became clear that my little cottage was at bursting point, so my son converted my brick out house into a fantastic Aladdin’s cave, which now houses and displays lots of beautiful china and accessories. Even with this addition it has over flowed into the spare bedroom - and for the larger items a rented garage space!

We quickly realised we would need a bigger vehicle, trying to pack crates of china as well as food into a mini was not going to work! Luckily we found the perfect van, small enough for me to drive but large enough to carry all the equipment - and believe me we have had it full to the rafters on many occasions! The van has been uniquely sign written, using our own photos and gets a lot of attention wherever we go!